Vision Studio

We have a fleet of drones which provide high quality photo/video, cutting edge editing equipment, knowledge, ideas, and above all a passion for flying. We have the ability to take shots / inspections from locations that you can’t reach from the ground, and the whole range of drones allows us to choose the equipment for a given type of order. We fly in hard to reach and tight places as well as inside buildings. We capture video/photo, live streaming, and other interesting challenges which would not be accessible by any other means.

Our Approach to Ensure Success for every session:

– Safety is our primary concern
– Careful planning ensures we minimise risk of property damage
– We fly only in accordance with Irish Aviation law
– Where required, we obtain special permission to fly
– We are respectful and cognisant of Health & Safety requirements applying to each location (e.g., Industrial Plant, Factories, Airports, Mines, Railways, etc)

Once you’ve chosen Vision Studio for your project …

We work efficiently, appreciating and respecting the time you wish us to spend on photo/video. With a good atmosphere on set we sell naturalness and sincerity in a clear and positive message.

We will not fly:

-In breach of regulations forbidding flight in an active aviation zone
-During high-risk weather conditions (rainfall, snow, wind speeds above 6m/s, high temperatures). This covers risk to the environment, our team, and our client
-Dangerous location – based on our risk analysis


If you want to know about our work. Send us an inquiry we will contact you within 24 hours.

We will seek to understand your needs and define together the objectives to reach them and then inform you our budget which will also include advice about clothing and the best locations for your requirements.